Come on over to the Bellevue Square to Talbots this Saturday, May 23, 2015!

University Book Store Bellevue is sponsoring the book signing featuring Maren Higbee, author of Lana Fray and the Grand Plan and myself, author of The Weeping Willow Sings.

And Talbots will be holding a drawing for 2 $50 Talbot gift cards!

The event is from 2pm to 4pm. Mark your calendar and I'll see you there!

PictureBillie Grable and Hugh O'Brian at the PNB 9/28/2014
I met the infamous Hugh O’Brian, aka Wyatt Earp, at the Pacific Northwest Booksellers book fair yesterday in Tacoma, Washington. We share the same publisher and I stood alongside Hugh as he promoted his memoir and I promoted The Weeping Willow Sings.

Hugh will be 90 years old in a few months and I couldn’t help but think about my mom after meeting him. His memoir was completed this year and he labored over the content and provided all the final edits. Here is a man, whose body may be declining him, yet his wit is quick and he still has a twinkle in his eyes.

His mode of transportation is a motorized wheel chair and he drives it like he’s on a Indie race track. His hearing is also going but that doesn’t stop him from grasping what you’ve said during a conversation.

When one fan came up to greet him, he took my hand and said I’d like you to meet my daughter. The guy was so excited and when I had to break it to him that I really wasn’t Hugh’s daughter, I took the opportunity to throw in that the Betty Grable was my mom. We all got a good laugh.

His foundation, the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership, was founded in 1958 and more than 9,000 students participate in the programs annually. An incredible organization manned by an immortal star.

Aging happens to all of us. It is the inevitable and sometimes cruel journey we must all take. I’m taking an inspiring lesson from Mr. O’Brian expedition. As Hugh so eloquently showed me, we may get old – but we definitely don’t have to let age define us!

For more information on Hugh and his memoir, go to http://hughobrian.me/.

#RobinWilliams death confirms that  #depression and #suicide don’t discriminate.

In The Weeping Willow Sings, it is clear that John O’Brien is mentally unstable. And like Robin Williams, John O’Brien is defeated by the disease.

The Weeping Willow Sings gives John O'Brien's survivors an opportunity to heal. If you have a loved one who committed suicide and you still are suffering from the after effects, read The Weeping Willow Sings.


Please join me at The Indie Book Fair in Seattle!

June 14-15, 2014
12:00pm to 8:00pm
A/NT: A Non-Traditional Gallery
2045 Westlake Ave, Seattle, WA

Books available for purchase and signing!

See you there!

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#Kindle deal #GhostStories

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A weeping willow, an unfinished painting and the ghost of a man who discovers that death didn't end his problems; it only made them harder to resolve.


My mom died on the first day of spring this year. The sky was a brilliant blue and I like to think that the white fluffy clouds that paraded across the heavens that day provided a path as Mom made her journey home.

It is on spring days like yesterday – when the temperature soars to an unusual high – that I miss Mom the most.

But I know she is with me. Her spirit is alive in the lilac bush she bought me over a decade ago. I had my first kiss under the lilac – a memory I shared with Mom – and the reason she bought the tiny bush for me. The new fragrant blossoms on the lilac are so much sweeter this year – scented by those cherished memories and alive with my mother’s soul. She is in the forget-me-nots that adorn my backyard. I feel her presence as the tiny blue flowers move gently in the wind.

Yesterday was a day for remembering how much she loved the feel of the hot sun on her face. When I close my eyes I can see her tanned skin, hands planted firmly in her garden – free from the cumbersome gloves others wear when they tend the soil. Gloves were not for her. They got in the way of her connecting with the dirt – of feeling the end of a weed’s root or finding an earthworm and moving it to a safer location.

Mom was and still is so much a part of this earth. She blended with the soil and the sun always dissolved any ache she may have tucked in her heart.

And while my heart aches on this beautiful spring morning, I am reminded that Mom is alive in the evolution of spring and is planted deeply in the cycle of all seasons.